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PODCAST: Chris @ The Injury Clinic | Ep11 Burn, Build and Balance Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, clinical director and founder Chris was interviewed for the Strongbird Fitness podcast Burn, Build and Balance. On this episode Chris and Emma discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy, injury free body.

Chris shares his top tips and advice around improving your mobility, speeding up recovery, the perils of social media, finding the right professional and the benefits of some of the treatments on offer at the clinic. Emma also talks of some of her clients and her own experience of treatment here at the clinic as well as her preparation for her big event next year.

To listen to episode 11 of the Burn, Build and Balance podcast follow the links below:

Listen on apple devices CLICK HERE

Listen on non apple devices CLICK HERE

If you know anyone that the information in this podcast could help, then please feel free to pass it on and share with your family and friends.


Clinic Update: We are currently operating a phased return to practice.

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