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Rocket Fuel For Life, Health and Wellbeing in 2020

97% of a rocket’s fuel is used at take off! That’s from the moment NASA launches a shuttle, 97% of its fuel is used up in the first 3 minutes. After that, forces from the atmosphere and momentum take over to complete its journey. That got me thinking about life, business and health and the effort it takes to get started. The time, energy, finance and mental capacity it takes to get moving are significantly more than it takes to keep moving. A lot of us waste the vast majority of these resources (Our Fuel!) too frequently just getting started again, failing to make a decision and sticking to a habit!

How many times have you returned to the gym or a new fitness regime and stockpiled on all manor of supplementation and workout gear only for the same tub of half used protein to still be sat in your cupboard months later – and probably past its sell by date. And how much harder are those first few weeks of lifting weights or upping the mileage? Or how many of you have not even started because there’s too much information or choice of gyms/classes out there?

How much time, finance and energy have you spent at the start of a new relationship? – those flowers and meals out don’t buy themselves!

AND for those of you in business, how much harder is the start up, and beginning of a new project than the momentum that that effort creates?

The hardest part of any day is getting out of bed and moving in the morning (especially with these grey skies). After that we are up and moving and the day gets that bit easier – but before all of that, we need to make the decision to get up.

Indecision is why most people you talk to claim to be ‘tired’ or ‘really busy’ but yet are not achieving the results they want or goals they have set. Indecision is tiring and can be costly on your resources and fuel.

The average person spends too much of their life thinking about things they will never do, and worrying over the outcomes of things that will never happen; overwhelmed by so much choice and ‘the fear of getting it wrong’ that they paralyse themselves in to not making any decision at all!

“The second best decision is the wrong one, the worst decision is not to make one at all”

If you make a decision you are moving, but to not make a decision at all means you’re stuck in the same spot wasting a lot of fuel to get going each time.

Once you have lift off then then you need keep momentum and this comes from habit.

So whatever your goal whether it be in life, business or health – bundle up your resources Make a Decision. StartForm a Habit and Keep Momentum!

AND next time you feel like giving up, remember it takes 97% of your fuel to get started again!

If you know anyone that the information in this article could help, then please feel free to pass it on and share with your family and friends.