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7 Tips For Staying Well Throughout Lockdown 2.0 (What we learnt from the last lockdown)

Here we go again … ‘Lockdown 2.0’ as the next 4 weeks are commonly being referred to. But what have we learnt since the last stint of confinement when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy? 

Since being back in the clinic dealing with a mass of lockdown inflicted injuries for several months now, it’s very clear that we all went one of two ways when it came to staying at home back in April. Either you saw the last lockdown as an opportunity to do more regular exercise (in some cases too much!) or you were confined to long stints of inactivity at a makeshift home desk or on the sofa in front of Netflix. Either way we have been seeing a multitude of injuries and conditions from the habits formed over the last lockdown; So here are our top 7 tips for staying healthy and injury free throughout the next few weeks.

1) Move More

Whether you are working from home or just confined to the sofa, it’s easy to get into a habit of not moving enough. But if you are going to maintain good mental and physical wellbeing, it’s important that you get up and exercise or move frequently. Although you may not feel like it this time of year, getting out and exercising in nature can have all sorts of health benefits as well as improved focus and productivity.

If you’re the sort of person that gets engrossed in a piece of work and finds that hours have gone by without getting up, try setting a regular alarm on your screen to remind you to get moving.

Need some inspiration to get moving – try our 4 week mobility challenge here! 

2) Move Less

On the flip side of the previous advice, some of us need to in fact move less! Yes.. you read that right. The vast majority of the injuries we’ve seen in the clinic since the last lockdown were in fact overuse injuries down to people doing too much exercise, for too long or too soon without building up to it first. This time whether it’s getting out for a wet walk or a run or a zoom based video class, it’s important to remember to pick an activity and exercise level that is suitable for you and follow a gradual progression without advancing on too soon.

3) Manage Stress and Anxiety

This is a lot easier said than done in the current climate but equally more important than ever to manage your mental state and avoid the barrage of news we are getting on a daily basis. By this point in the pandemic and the constant and often confusing yo-yoing in and out of restrictions it’s easy to see why mental health issues are on the rise. Read our feature article on ways to manage your mental wellbeing throughout the pandemic here.

4) Keep a Routine

Routine and structure are an important part of wellbeing for most. With far less places closed and classes/groups continuing on video than before; it’s important that you continue to keep up a routine as much as possible by attending appointments that can still go ahead and exercises classes that can be done remotely. 

5) Have a Designated Work Space

Right now the UK has more people working from home than it ever has before. The need for a proper desk set up is generally well know (or felt in most cases) but lesser known but equally as important for your health is the need to has a designated space for working in.

Having a more permanent space means that once you have the correct desk and office setup you can make sure it stays like that, rather than packing your work away each day from the kitchen table. Having this designated space for working from is also crucial for achieving a healthy work life balance by being able to separate your work and home life much more efficiently.

Especially when confined to the house for the next few weeks! 

6) Warm Up

One thing that is certainly different since the last lockdown is the weather! Gone are the days of lounging out in the garden or taking long strolls across the fields in the sunshine. Now the temperature has really started to drop it’s important for those of you choosing to exercise outside that you remember to do a proper warm up before going out if you want to avoid the common sprains and muscle strains that we see in the clinic this time of year.

7) Stay Connected

Research has suggested that there is a strong link between loneliness / separation and the increased risk of developing comorbidities such as heart, lung and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and metabolic disorders such as obesity; not to mention the mental health effects too. FaceTiming family, attending a Zoom meeting and meeting up with that 1 person outside of your home can all go a long way to keeping you both metally and physically well.

We’re Still Here For You!

We remind you that the clinic is still open as usual throughout the lockdown period should you require any help or further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you know anyone that the information in this article could help, then please feel free to pass it on and share with your family and friends.

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