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Conquer stress levels to beat back pain

From a shorter temper, changes in mood, difficultly concentrating, headaches and even an unsettled gut; we are all well aware of and have felt the affects of stress at one time or another.  But one of the more undetected affects of stress that you may not be so aware of however, is the physical affects on your body and pain levels that may well be responsible for your ongoing back pain.

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Working from home: Your guide to getting the right set-up and avoiding back or neck pain.

You’re spending more time working at home. Make sure you have the right setup for back health.

Has your kitchen table or sofa suddenly turned into your makeshift workspace? Or have you got a designated home office space?

While you may be used to answering the odd email at the kitchen counter or writing the occasional report from the sofa whilst binge watching the latest series on Netflix; getting your home office set up correct is paramount to your health.

You may be a couple of weeks in already and be feeling fine but now that you are starting to work from home full time for the next few weeks (or even months!) if you haven’t got your set up right, sooner or later you will end up with aches and pain or worse!

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or work from home newbie – follow our top tips below to review your home workspace set up and avoid back and neck issues hampering your workload.

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Sciatica: The Truth Behind The Myths

Sciatica can be a real pain in the bum! It can also be a pain in the back, leg, calf and foot or in more extreme cases, all of the above!

As the longest and largest nerve in the body; running from your lower spine, through your buttocks and down the back of your leg, there are several different areas that can be affected along it’s journey.

The term ‘sciatica’ is commonly used to describe any pain or numbness anywhere along the sciatic nerve.

With that said it’s no surprise that a lot of the clients we see in the clinic with such symptoms don’t fully know or understand what sciatica is and there are many myths and misbeliefs surrounding sciatica and the treatment available that we will dispel below.

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