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TIC Spotlight: Tennis Elbow

In this edition of ‘TIC Spotlight’ we take a closer look at a common condition affecting the outside of the elbow “Tennis Elbow”, or to give it it’s medial name “Lateral Epicondylitis”. It is estimated that tennis elbow affects 1 in 3 people, however, despite its name only 5% of individuals suffering with tennis elbow can actually relate the cause of injury to tennis! Read on to understand what might be causing your tennis elbow and how you can manage the symptoms!

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Sports Massage or hands on treatment doesn’t have to hurt! And here’s why!

Scrap that; sports massage and hands on treatment SHOULDN’T hurt. The term no pain no gain does not apply to treatment and deeper is not always better or more effective when it comes to massage.

Quite often we will hear phrases in the treatment room like “I like when it hurts I know it’s working.”

Unfortunately this is a common misconception that is shared by many of what manual and sports massage therapy should be – but what you may not know is that what is going on inside your body has a lot less to do with the pressure or depth of the treatment, ‘beating’ the muscle into submission and a lot more to do with desensitising your nervous system and providing an optimum environment for your body to heal itself.

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Don’t Trip Up With Your Marathon Preparation

With this years London Marathon just over a week away now, I have seen a flurry of anxious runners in the clinic looking to rid any last niggles that could upset the big day.

The majority of runners that I treat tend to be detailed orientated in their approach to training, leaving nothing to chance; tracking milage, heart rate, cadence even carefully selecting clothing and footwear – sound familiar?

But one aspect often over looked by many runners is how you tie your laces – Yes there’s more than one way to tie your laces!

Despite being a simple task that most of us learnt to do at school, lacing your running shoes is actually a science. A 2008 study at the University of Duisberg Germany found that the tightness and pattern of how runners laced up their running shoes directly affected impact force and pronation. This can also have a significant impact when staying injury-free whilst racking up the miles.Read More


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