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I Should Probably Get This Seen To This Year


New Year, New Me – heres a phrase you would have no doubtably heard your friends say or seen in countless social media posts over the past couple of weeks – Its the same every year.

The start of a New year is a great time to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions or promises to ourselves for the year ahead. “This year I am going to loose weight, exercise more, eat less chocolate, drink less alcohol” etc etc. It’s an easy time to feel optimistic. Its a new year. It’s a new decade even! Time for a new start or “a new me”!Read More

Sports Massage or hands on treatment doesn’t have to hurt! And here’s why!

Scrap that; sports massage and hands on treatment SHOULDN’T hurt. The term no pain no gain does not apply to treatment and deeper is not always better or more effective when it comes to massage.

Quite often we will hear phrases in the treatment room like “I like when it hurts I know it’s working.”

Unfortunately this is a common misconception that is shared by many of what manual and sports massage therapy should be – but what you may not know is that what is going on inside your body has a lot less to do with the pressure or depth of the treatment, ‘beating’ the muscle into submission and a lot more to do with desensitising your nervous system and providing an optimum environment for your body to heal itself.

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Why getting those ‘niggles’ seen to could be the best thing you do in 2019!

In some cases, when you sustain an injury it’s obvious that you need to seek professional advice right away – especially when the injury is a serious or debilitating one. But what about when you have niggles, dull aches, recurring twinges, slight but consistent pain after exercise or sudden ‘catches’ of pain with certain movements?

It’s often easy to ignore these mild symptoms, thinking “it will get better on its own” or “it will go away with time”; but these symptoms are signs that something in the body isn’t working quite as it should.

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Why do things hurt more in the cold? – and what you can do about it!

The colder weather has certainly started to set in over the past week or so; and with the summer we’ve had, the recent weather has come as a shock to most! – it has certainly lead to an increase in the number of people suffering with muscular and joint aches we have been seeing in the clinic of late.

As the shorter days and darker nights draw in, you may well have started to notice yourself that things just seem to feel like they ache more in the chillier weather (particularly those old injuries). But you’ll be glad to know that it might not all just be in your head and that there may indeed be several scientific reasons to explain why you are feeling this way.

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