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7 Tips For Staying Well Throughout Lockdown 2.0 (What we learnt from the last lockdown)

Here we go again … ‘Lockdown 2.0’ as the next 4 weeks are commonly being referred to. But what have we learnt since the last stint of confinement when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy? 

Since being back in the clinic dealing with a mass of lockdown inflicted injuries for several months now, it’s very clear that we all went one of two ways when it came to staying at home back in April. Either you saw the last lockdown as an opportunity to do more regular exercise (in some cases too much!) or you were confined to long stints of inactivity at a makeshift home desk or on the sofa in front of Netflix. Either way we have been seeing a multitude of injuries and conditions from the habits formed over the last lockdown; So here are our top 7 tips for staying healthy and injury free throughout the next few weeks.

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TIC Spotlight: Text Neck Syndrome

Text Neck Syndrome may sound like a made up condition or something your mum would tell you when you were young like “getting square eyes from sitting too too close to the TV” But with the increasing use of technology devices in modern life, text neck is in fact a growing and very real lifestyle condition being seen in clinics across the world daily.

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TIC Spotlight: Tennis Elbow

In this edition of ‘TIC Spotlight’ we take a closer look at a common condition affecting the outside of the elbow “Tennis Elbow”, or to give it it’s medial name “Lateral Epicondylitis”. It is estimated that tennis elbow affects 1 in 3 people, however, despite its name only 5% of individuals suffering with tennis elbow can actually relate the cause of injury to tennis! Read on to understand what might be causing your tennis elbow and how you can manage the symptoms!

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TIC Spotlight: Piriformis Syndrome

For the fourth edition of ‘TIC Spotlight’ we are focusing on a condition that is “real pain in the butt” quite literally and is often overlooked and ‘misdiagnosed’ as common sciatica. Read on to understand how you can recognise the symptoms of piriformis syndrome and be equipped with the right tools to prevent symptoms from developing further and keep yourself active!

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TIC Spotlight: Plantar Fasciitis

For the third edition of ‘TIC Spotlight’ we are focusing on a common injury that is well known but often left to “settle on its own”, resulting in a long and painful recovery. With the country in lockdown and the closure of gym and leisure facilities, many will be turning to the outdoors for a sudden increase in walking and running. Read on to understand how you can recognise the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and be equipped with the right tools to prevent symptoms from developing and keep yourself active outdoors!

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TIC Spotlight: Frozen Shoulder

In this edition of ‘TIC Spotlight’ we take a closer look at one of the most misunderstood and often frustrating conditions of the shoulder “Frozen Shoulder” or to give it it’s medical name “Adhesive Capsulitis”. Read on to avoid common pitfalls when coping with the symptoms of frozen shoulder that could dramatically reduce your healing time.

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TIC Spotlight: Runner’s Knee

In this; the first of our new features ‘TIC Spotlight’ we shed some light on one of the most common knee conditions seen by us here in the clinic – ‘Runner’s Knee’. This type of knee condition is especially prevalent this time of year as more and more people turn to exercise to get fitter and those training for marathon season begin to ramp up their frequency and millage over the next few months.

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