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Heading Back To The Gym? Here’s Our 6 Tips For An Injury Free Comeback!

With gyms up and down the country reopening this weekend, countless people are gearing up to restart their fitness regimes. After months of living room floor workouts, zoom classes and social media fitness challenges, the joy of returning to the gym is finally here for many.

But before you rush back to the treadmill, book into a spin class or reacquaint yourself with the squat rack just yet, you might want to consider some of our top tips to avoid picking up unwanted injuries along the way.

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Conquer stress levels to beat back pain

From a shorter temper, changes in mood, difficultly concentrating, headaches and even an unsettled gut; we are all well aware of and have felt the affects of stress at one time or another.  But one of the more undetected affects of stress that you may not be so aware of however, is the physical affects on your body and pain levels that may well be responsible for your ongoing back pain.

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Stressed, Anxious, Frustrated? – Try this

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stresses and strains of daily life and constant barrage of daily news updates. This can often lead to us feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or even anxious. We’re all guilty of worrying over uncertainties and things that we have no control over but most of us forget to take the time to take a step back and understand the thoughts that lead us to feel in such ways that are negative to our wellbeing.

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