What's in this ebook?

Do you feel tense and stiff around your neck and shoulders? Are you suffering from regular headaches or having trouble sleeping? Have you experienced reduced movement or felt a sharp pain when reaching or turning your head or when reaching to get undressed?

Inside this free guide you will find our 7 expert tips to help relieve your neck and shoulder pain, allowing you to start making progress right away.

  • Should I replace my pillow?
  • Could my posture affect me shoulders and neck?
  • What simple changes will help my pain?
  • What does drinking more have to do with my pain?
  • Should I use hot or cold?

All these commonly asked questions (and more!) will be answered inside this free guide.

If you're looking for an alternative to long-term use of painkillers, disturbed sleep, tension headaches and limited daily movements;

then the tips we share with you in this e-guide are a good place to start on your journey to getting back to the activities you enjoy the most.

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