What's in this guide?

Are you suffering from dull, aching back pain that keeps returning or never seems to go away? Or maybe you’re experiencing sharp back pain that’s comes on suddenly and seems unpredictable.

Inside this free guide you will find our 9 expert tips to help relieve your back pain, allowing you to start making progress right away.

  • What is the correct posture for my back?
  • How should I sleep?
  • What habits could be affecting my back?
  • What footwear is best for my back?
  • Should I use hot or cold?

All these commonly asked questions (and more!) will be answered inside this free guide.

If you're looking for an alternative to long-term use of painkillers, visits back and forth to your doctor or even surgery;

then the tips we share with you here in this e-guide are a good place to start on your journey to getting back to the activities you enjoy the most.

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