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What our clients say about The Injury Clinic!

Excellent service and knowledge

Back running pain free after a couple of months out with a knee and hip problem. The injury clinic has helped me out with a new training plan and got me back on the road again. Excellent service and knowledge about my injury.

Robin – Runner

Results that allow mobility & comfort

Always with a solution, always producing results that allow mobility and comfort. Brilliant customer care and honest advice.

Dan – Gym Enthusiast

Would unreservedly recommend

As someone who has used osteopaths and chiropractors for many years for recurring back and hip problems, The Injury Clinic was recommended to me following my hip replacement. I have continued to see them as I found: the assessment of my condition was, professional, considered and very thorough. They explained to me at all times where I was in terms of recovery and gave me a realistic picture of what we could achieve and how we could achieve it through appropriate treatments and an exercise programme for me to follow. I now completely trust The Injury Clinic’s approach and find them approachable ,professional and most importantly , helpful in the reduction of pain and maintaining flexibility. I would unreservedly recommend them… and have done!

David – Post Hip Replacement

Worked miracles

Absolutely fabulous place! Informative, very friendly and has worked miracles for me and my 10 year old son. They used acupuncture to treat my rotator cuff and is still in the process of treating the injured knee of my son but it’s already much better after just one session. Would highly recommend!

Sarah – Runner

Considering a physio, try this place

I’ve had 1 session with Chris, initial impressions are; very friendly and knowledgeable. Although this is a very early review, a short treatment and a set off exercises have been provided, after 6 months of not being able to target the specific problem this now seems to be a huge step in the right direction. Very reasonable in price with no pressure for further treatments… I would recommend anyone considering a physio to try this place, it may not be for you but at least you will get honesty and a nudge down the route you should be taking. I initially applied online due to being sceptical and wanting to explain properly as to what I felt and when, quick response with options and reassurance, great service and will be continuing treatment here having tried several physios in and around market Harborough. The added benefit of access to a gym/studio attached to the treatment room is invaluable.

Steve – Firefighter

Great expertise and propriety

Originally unsure about seeking treatment for my back pain… a friend was full of praise for treatment she had received, and I am now so pleased that I too have discovered The Injury Clinic. From the initial consultation and on to the treatment I have been impressed by the highly professional, yet friendly approach. The clinic performs a variety of treatments including acupuncture, ultrasound and massage – all done with great expertise and propriety. Their knowledge is exceptional and my treatment has been backed up with exercises to strengthen different muscle groups to aid recovery (all demonstrated skilfully and practised by me in the rehab studio). My recovery has been swift and I would not hesitate to recommend The Injury Clinic to anybody I meet who needs treatment for any injury or postural correction.

Miranda – Office Worker

Fantastic service full of information

The Injury Clinic gives a fantastic service full of information not only on the injury but how to prevent future injury. I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend others to use them too!


I wouldn’t go anywhere else

The high level of training and expert knowledge is apparent in all aspects of the appointment – from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Chris always does a sterling job and has fixed the many problems that pop up due to my physical job. I have been converted, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lauren – Business Owner

frightened that it would lead to surgery

Having suffered with a recurring injury and a little frightened that it would lead to surgery I was referred to the injury clinic and – boy – was this a game changer for my health and wellbeing! The injury clinic were able to coach me back to fitness with some very relevant treatments that meant I not only avoided invasive surgery but was able to take up my passion (wife says obsession) of golf much more quickly than I has hoped for.

Gary - Business Consultant

The very best hands!

To be able to get back to proper training, classes and general day to day duties without pain and discomfort means so much… I am grateful to have been in the very best hands! Thank you!

Lorraine – Gym Instructor

PB in New York!

I came to the injury clinic with a knee injury 6 weeks before I was due to run the New York marathon having been told to not run it by another physio. Chris was determined to not let that happen and his great work on my knee and support helped get me to the big day and I was able to run it in a PB time of 3.27! I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone with any niggles or injuries!

Lutie - Marathon Runner

Achilles feels almost new!

After four sessions my achilles feels almost new!

Gail – Gym Enthusiast

Totally & pleasantly surprised

Was totally & pleasantly surprised by the fact that a single treatment with Chris sorted out my long standing foot problem. Really wish that I had visited sooner. Followed up with a sports massage which was simply marvellous! Thank you


Got me going again!

I’ve been going to The Injury Clinic for a long time now, through my own choice. My knees were terrible and I couldn’t get upstairs. Somebody recommended the clinic to me and I in turn would recommend them to everyone else. They got me going again and I go back every 3 weeks, for my own peace of mind only, because I never want to get like I was again. Very professional and a lovely clinic. They have also helped my daughter who had tennis elbow and thought she would never shoot a bow and arrow again and now does, and my daughter-in-law who fell whilst doing a charity walk and injured her foot quite badly. She is now fine too. I can’t recommend The Injury Clinic highly enough!

Pauline - Retired

It wasn’t until the pain stopped me that I thought about treatment

For years I continued to run through various aches and pains. It wasn’t until the pain stopped me that I thought about treatment. All I can say is I wish I had done it years ago! – marathon now booked!

Sarah - Competitive Runner

Overall mobility has increased dramatically

I have suffered with lower back pain and sciatica for years as a result of a prolapsed disc. I have had numerous injections, all of which have only provided short-term relief. The Injury Clinic was recommended to me by a friend. The results of 12 ‘one to one’ sessions have been quite amazing. My overall mobility has increased dramatically as has my core strength. Highly recommended to all.

Robert – Retired/Golfer

I would never go anywhere else

Been to some of the best physio’s in London and can honestly say after visiting the injury clinic I would never go anywhere else. It’s the only place where I have actually seen results from the treatment and been able to make a full recovery and in effect make my body stronger than it was previous to the injury.

Charlotte – Professional Dancer

Extremely professional and friendly

I was in a great deal of pain with my back. At The Injury Clinic they sorted my pain over several sessions with massage, acupuncture and good advice. Extremely professional and friendly and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who is suffering with pain!

Jo – Dental Assistant

Now able to carry out everyday tasks

I first went to see Chris after being diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis following a 9% decrease in bone density of my spine over the previous year.

Chris was confident that he could help restore my mobility and carefully assessed what was necessary for me to build up core stability in order to address my problems. He devised exercises that were specific to my needs and within weeks I experienced significant improvements in my mobility and strength.

I am now able to carry out everyday tasks that I was previously unable to do. I have also joined the gym and regularly walk 5 or 6 miles again without difficulty. This year’s bone density scan revealed an amazing 7% improvement in my spine, reversing almost all of the previous damage. This improvement can only be attributable to the exercises devised by Chris. I have been impressed by his ability to accurately diagnose problems and devise appropriate, imaginative ways to overcome them – I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.

Muriel – Retired

Back out running…brilliant!

The Injury Clinic offers a fantastic, friendly service, they have fixed 2 of my injuries this year so I am back out running which is brilliant! Great facilities, great therapists, I would highly recommend if you suffer from any injuries, thank you!

Charlotte – Runner

The best treatment ever

The best treatment ever. The Injury Clinic is amazing. Had a hip replacement early this year and had problems recently and thought that I would end up with walking problems but even after only two visits they have made a real difference. Fabulous! Go see them!

Pat – Post Hip Replacement

I wasn’t sure my shoulder was bad enough to get treatment on it

I wasn’t sure my shoulder was bad enough to get treatment on it, but after going through a treatment plan I am so glad I did. I have been able to throw a ball for the dog which was also affecting my back with no issues since! Thank You!

Steve - Dog Owner

Really kept my goals in mind

The Injury Clinic has helped me back to running again after a long struggle with my patellar tendon…very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive and have really kept my goals in mind throughout rehab. Excellent service. Hopefully I’ll manage to stay injury free now, but if not I know where I’ll be heading! Thank you again for all your help.

Beccy - Runner

Really know their stuff

I was put in touch with the injury clinic from my uncle as I’ve been suffering from sciatica for the past 6 months!! I’ve now had 2 sessions of acupuncture and have a core strengthening exercises program to follow. My sciatica has already significantly improved and with more sessions booked I feel confident I can get back to the running form I was in last summer. Really know their stuff.

Ryan – Competitive Runner

Help me stay injury free

I have now been working with The Injury Clinic for a number of months and can’t recommend them highly enough. After initially visiting them for a running related injury, I now go once a month as part of a maintenance programme to help me stay injury free through the triathlon season. They’re extremely friendly and professional, making it easy to book in around work.

Ben - Triathlete

much more active with my grandchildre

A friend of mine recommended I get my back seen to after having treatment themselves. At first I was sceptical as I wasn’t sure anything could be done but since receiving treatment and doing my exercises I am much more active with my grandchildren and I’m sure I’ve grown an inch.

Angela - Grandmother

Released my back on first visit

Very professional service. Released my back on first visit can’t wait to see how successful next week will be.

Samantha – Business Owner

This worked amazingly well

Had a recent back problem which had been agony for 4 days so called The Injury Clinic. Never used their services before but after a short acupuncture session, I was at least 65% improved then within a further 24 hours, back to full fitness! I am not usually a fan of acupuncture but this worked amazingly well and The Injury Clinic offers great customer service. Highly recommend.

Jane – Office Worker

Always on hand for assessments and advice

Fixed up a number of People within our rugby community and always on hand for assessments and advice

Kev - Rugby Player

I’d tried every self-help remedy I could (including ignoring it!)

I’d tried every self-help remedy I could (including ignoring it!) to help my stiff neck. When it started to affect my sleep and I couldn’t sort it myself I booked in at The Injury Clinic. After just a few sessions I was already able to sleep much better and with continued treatment i was back on the golf course. Highly recommend.

Brian - Golf Enthusiast

Feel so much less tense!

A very professional and friendly clinic! The Injury Clinic is the only pace to cure my years of lower back pain with electro-acupuncture, and have also helped my neck and shoulders feel so much less tense! They really are great! Definitely recommend.

Kaff – Office Worker

Comprehensive advice and attention to detail

I highly recommend The Injury Clinic for their comprehensive advice and attention to detail. The advice on exercise programmes to strengthen weak ankles has helped to relieve overworked tendons. I will be recommending them to all my netball and tennis playing friends.

Jennifer – Ankle Issues

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