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What We Treat

Whether you’ve pulled your neck, hurt your back or you’re suffering from ongoing shoulder or knee conditions, our experts will get to the root of your problem.

Back Pain

Are you suffering from dull, aching back pain that keeps returning or never seems to go away? Or maybe you’re experiencing sharp pain that’s comes on suddenly and seems unpredictable….

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Do you feel tense and stiff around your neck and shoulders? Are you suffering from regular headaches or having trouble sleeping? Have you experienced reduced movement or felt a sharp…

Knee Pain

Do you find yourself putting more of your body weight on your ‘good’ knee? Does your ‘bad’ knee feel unstable? Have you experienced sharp pain, or does your knee area feel warm…

Sports Injuries

If an injury has stopped you from training or impacted your performance, whether it’s a recent injury or an ongoing niggle, our experts will get you back on track quickly.

Arm & Hand Pain

Are you suffering with pain in your arms or hands? Is the pain making your life difficult?

Foot & Ankle Pain

Are you suffering with foot and ankle pain? Struggling to walk and putting strain on your other leg?

Pregnancy / Post Natal

Are you experiencing aching hips or pain and stiffness in your lower back and shoulders, the bigger your bump grows?

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If you've suffered with pain for too long and are now ready to do something about it, get in contact with us today to see how we can best help you achieve your health goals.

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