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5 tips to staying injury free and avoid missing out this summer


Summer is finally upon us once again and with the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing comes more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and get away to new destinations.

Unfortunately, as we know all to well here in the clinic, as we seize these opportunities, it also means an increase in unexpected and often avoidable injuries.

From slips and falls to dehydration and simply overdoing it, it’s important to take necessary precautions to ensure a safe, fun filled summer.

To help you do just that, here are our 5 tips to staying injury free and avoid missing out as you ramp up the activity this summer.

Ease into it

Springing out of a chair to catch a ball at a BBQ, suddenly sprinting after the kids along the beach or ‘bombing’ into the pool as soon as you get to the hotel are all ways to sustain an unexpected injury this summer. Now, we’re not suggesting you go through a full warm up or stretch routine before having a bit of fun but if getting involved in activities or games (particularly ones that are new to you!), spend a few minutes easing into them by doing the activity at a lower tempo to allow your body to build up the load and get used to the activity before really getting into it.  

Vary Your Footwear 

The moment the sun comes out the temptation is to bring out the flip-flops, saddles and sliders at the first opportunity. Whilst the feeling of the breeze between your toes may feel good, this may be short-lived if suddenly going from well supported shoes and trainers to spending large amounts of time in minimalist unsupported footwear. This sudden increase in pressure on the feet is one of the main causes of summertime foot and ankle issues we see in the clinic.

Flip flops and sandals are great for pottering around the garden or short walks across the beach but if going on a long coastal walk or out for the day then you will need something far more supportive to avoid overloading the structures of the ankle and foot and avoid common unwanted injuries we’re seeing here in the clinic such as plantar fasciitis, achilles pain and ankle sprains.

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Pack Light

We’ve all been there, frantically packing our cases the night before going away unsure of just how much we need to take (often over packing as a precaution). Well you may want to reconsider this approach, particularly if you are looking to avoid ‘tweaking’ something or upsetting your back. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination after a long journey, twisting and lifting your case and feeling something go in your back; completely derailing your relaxing holiday before its even begun – it’s a story we hear all to often in the clinic.

The same principle should also be applied if going out for the day. Carrying a heavy bag to the beach or rucksack on a long walk can just as easily lead to shoulder, neck or back issues. Pack light, pack just the essentials and plan stops to rehydrate frequently rather than lugging 2L bottles of water around with you.

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Sounds silly or obvious, but a significant number of summer time injuries we see here in the clinic have been sustained following a few too many drinks and trust me; as someone who’s sat here with a swollen ankle from jumping around too much at an Arctic Monkeys concert this weekend I’m no exception either! 

Whilst these incidences make for an amusing conversation in the treatment room, being aware of how much alcohol you are consuming (particularly in the sun) could just help you avoid the embarrassment of a drunken injury and having to come in and tell one of our practitioners all about it! 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated is crucial for keeping our bodies functioning at their best, this is especially true when it comes to avoiding injuries. Water plays an essential role in regulating our body temperature and transporting nutrients to where they’re needed. When we don’t drink enough we put ourselves at risk of dehydration, which can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue and reduced physical performance making our muscles and joints more prone to sprains and strains. To avoid this make sure you are regular hydrating throughout the day as you get out and have more fun this summer.

So there you have it our 5 tips to avoid unwanted injuries, aches and pain this summer.

If you know anyone that the information in this article could help, then please feel free to pass it on and share with your family and friends.

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