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The Internet has become a major part of everyday life for most of us, with some arguing that wifi be added to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs!

There is no doubt that the ability to have the answer to any question at your finger tips has many benefits. We’re all guilty of looking up the odd pub quiz answer or trying to settle a debate with a partner via Google; BUT when it comes to your health sometimes this can be the wrong thing to do.

Whilst I encourage clients to be better informed and understand the causes of their pain and stiffness, the shear volume of information on the internet can be misleading and sources under-qualified or unreliable; leading many clients coming to the clinic having tried remedies and exercises that weren’t correct for their type of injury – wasting valuable time and often money in the process and in some cases even making their injury worse!

Over the next few weeks I will be aiming to take away some of the confusion caused by the mass information online by simplifying some of the most common injuries that we see in the clinic and providing some quick self-care tips that can be performed at home for each one.

If you have an injury or condition that you would like some more information on you can inbox the clinic here and I will aim to cover it over the next few weeks.